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Now you can pay for your over 100€ purchases 30 days later or in three equal slices in 90 days. And all this without any interest and service fees! You got it, 0€ charge!

Pay later (30 days): Purchase goods now and pay back next month. The service is free of charge.
Slice the amount into three (90 days): For larger purchases, BuyPlan allows you to pay in up to three equal installments. One payment per month at no extra charge.

How does BuyPlan work?

1. Add products to your shopping cart
2. Select BuyPlan as the payment method
3. Confirm your order
4. Identify yourself using an Smart-ID or Mobile-ID
5. Choose the number of payments (how many installments you want to pay in, possible up to 3 installments in 90 days)
6. Sign with PIN2 and the purchase is done!

NB! At the moment BuyPlan is available for purchases in the range of 100-1000€ (300€ if you are 18-21 years old).

What is the difference between a regular installment payment and BuyPlan's "pay later" payment system?

BuyPlan allows you to pay for up to three installments of products without entering into an installment agreement, all without interest and service fees. Also, the client does not have to fill in long data fields and publish his / her personal financial data. In the case of regular installments, it is generally necessary to fill in 14 rows of data fields (income, existing loan liabilities, residences, etc.) and, of course, interest and other service charges are added.

What data do I need to enter into the BuyPlan payment solution?

All you have to do is enter your personal identification code and phone number, identify yourself with an ID card, Mobile ID or Smart-ID PIN1 and finally sign with PIN2 password.

On what basis does BuyPlan give me credit?

BuyPlan automatically checks a person's solvency in seconds.

How long does it take to pay with BuyPlan?

It takes an average of 50 seconds from identification to purchase.

Can I pay the amount immediately? How to divide the amount into several parts?

You can set the amount on installmetns and time yourself. The maximum number of installments is 3 and the maximum time is 90 days.

Is it possible to pay in advance?

Yes, you can make payments in advance.

How do I know when and where to pay?

All documents about the purchase will be sent to you by e-mail and are also available when logging in to the www.buyplan.ee private customer environment.

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