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Releemoodul IO25A01 Flip-Flop 5VDC

Peterburi tee Oomipood, Peterburi tee 90F, Tallinn 1
Järve keskuse Oomipood, Pärnu mnt. 238, Tallinn 1
Releemoodul IO25A01 Flip-Flop 5VDC

- Working voltage: DC 5V
- Working current: 70MA
- Standby current: 1UA
- Load current: AC 250V / 10A, DC 30V / 10A
- Trigger mode: Low pulse trigger
- Size: 3.5x2.1x1.7/1.38x0.83x0.67inch

This is a bistable (self-locking) relay module,Trigger once, the relay pull (and holds);Trigger again, the relay releases (and holds)
Module interface:
1. VCC: positive power supply (VCC)
2. GND: negative power supply (GND)
3. T  : Low pulse trigger
Relay outputs:
1. NO: normally open relay interface
2. COM: Common Interface Relays
3. NC: normally closed relay interface
USE : By default, the relay is release, press the trigger button, the relay pull, press again, the relay release, the third press, the relay pull, and so on

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