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Arduino MKR Relay Proto Shield

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The MKR Relay Proto Shield allows you to easily command relays with your MKR board. The shield provides two on board relays and a small prototyping area if you need to add some other component to your project.
The MKR Relay Protoshield allows you to easily add relays to your MKR board based project.

The shield provides two relays (Datasheet)  called RELAY1 and RELAY2 commanded by pin 1 and pin 2 respectively.

The shield also provides an easy connection by means of screw terminal blocks to A1 to A4 analog inputs, I2C and supply voltages

- Operating voltage 3.3V (supplied from the host board)
- Two relays with NO, COM and NC connections
- Works with battery powered board
- 8 positions screw terminal blocks  for easy connections with A1 to A4 - Analog input, SCL SDA for I2C, GND and 3.3V output
- 6 positions screw terminal blocks (NO, COM, NC for each relay)
- Carry current: 2 A
- Max. operating voltage: 24 VAC, 50 VDC
- Max. operating current: 1 A
- Max. switching capacity: 62.50 VA, 30W
- Proto area

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