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Designer moving mechanisms Differential STEM, vinyl 163 parts

  • 18.00€

UGEARS wooden designers go to a new level: meet the "Differential" - the most understandable, visual and interesting tutorial on the device of the car! If you or your child was always curious about how cars manage to go through the most difficult turns without slipping, this model will give all the answers.

Mechanics and the automotive industry have never been so simple and understandable: with the "Differential" from UGEARS, you can easily explain the principle of the rear axle to even a five-year-old pre-knee!

Model size: 17.5 * 13.5 * 10.5 cm

Package size: 20.5 * 18.8 * 6.3 cm

Number of parts: 163

Design assembly time: 2 hours

Difficulty level: Medium

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