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Tinkerkit Braccio robot

  • Tootekood: T050000

The TinkerKit Braccio is a fully operational robotic arm, controlled via Arduino. It can be assembled in several ways for multiple tasks such as moving objects. You can also attach a camera or solar panel. There are so many ways in which the Braccio can extend the reach of your devices. Please note: Arduino board not included.

It is recommended to power the board via the jack connection with a regulated 5 VDC @ 4000 mA power supply provided in the box.
There is an on-board voltage regulator for higher voltages that protect the Braccio shield. NOTE: The protection doesn’t work for the Arduino Yun if you put the bridge between Vin and 5V on the Arm Robot Shield V1 (greater version of are called Braccio shield and has a power switch on the top of the shield)

Physical Characteristics
    Plastic Parts x 21
    Screws x 63
    Flat Washer x 16
    Hexagon Nut x 7
    Springs x 2
    Servo Motors: 2 x SR 311, 4 x SR 431
    Arduino compatible Shield x 1
    Power Supply 5V, 4A x 1
    Phillips Screwdriver x 1
    Spiral Cable Protection Wrap x 1

Fully assembled Braccio Kit:
    Weight: 792 g
    Maximum operating distance range: 80 cm
    Maximum Height: 52 cm
    Base Width: 14 cm
    Gripper Width: 90 mm
    Cable length: 40 cm
    Load Capacity: Maximum weight at 32 cm operating distance: 150 g
    Maximum weight at the minimal Braccio configuration: 400g

Braccio Shield: The maximum length and width of the Braccio Shield PCB are 2.7 and 2.1 inches respectively, with the power jack extending beyond the former dimension. Four screw holes allow the board to be attached to a surface or case. Note that the distance between digital pins 7 and 8 is 160 mil (0.16"), not an even multiple of the 100 mil spacing of the other pins.

Servo Technical Specification
SpringRC SR431 - Dual Output Servo
    Control Signal: PWM Analog
    Torque@ 4.8V: 169.5 oz-in (12.2 kg-cm)
    Torque@6.0V: 201.4 oz-in (14.5 kg-cm)
    Weight: 2.19 oz (62.0 g)
    Dimentions: 1.65×0.81×1.56 in (42.0×20.5×39.5 mm)
    Speed@ 4.8V: 0.20 sec/60°
    Speed@ 6.0V: 0.18 sec/60°
    Rotation Support: Dual Bearings
    Gear Material: Metal
    Rotation Range: 180°
    Connector Type: J (aka Futaba)

SpringRC SR311
    Control Signal: PWM Analog
    Torque@ 4.8V: 43.13 oz-in (3.1 kg-cm)
    Torque@ 6.0V: 52.86 oz-in (3.8 kg-cm)
    Weight:0.95 oz (27.0 g)
    Dimentions: 1.23×0.65×1.13 in (31.3×16.5×28.6 mm)
    Speed@ 4.8V: 0.14 sec/60°
    Speed@ 6.0V: 0.12 sec/60°Rotation Support: Dual Bearings
    Gear Material: Metal
    Rotation Range: 180°
    Connector Type:J (aka Futaba)

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