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LFS-DC04 liikumisandur, mikrolained 2.7GHz 360deg

  • Tootekood: LFS-DC04

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LFS-DC04 liikumisandur, mikrolained 2.7GHz 360deg

- Model: LFS-DC04
- Frequency:2.7GHz
- Size:40*22mm
- Input Voltage:DC 5V
- Output Type:level signal output
- Connection Method:VCC,GND connect with positive negative input, OUT,GND signal connect with output
- Installation Height:1-3.5m
- Sensing Ditance:5-8m
- Delay Time:30s(quick testing mode is 4s)
- Sensing Angle:360 degree

Notice:this product should not be installed by the side of large size metal;shouln't be put into completely sealed metal shell

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