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Voolusensor 5A

  • Tootekood: SCT013-5A

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Voolusensor 5A

- Model: SCT-013-005
- Core Material: Ferrite
- External Material: Plastic
- Input Current: 0A - 5A
- Output type: Voltage/0-1V
- Opening Size: 13 x 13mm
- Dielectric Strength (between shell and output): 1000V AC/1min
- Working Temperature:-25~ +70 °C
- Fire resistance property: In accordance with UL94-V0.
- Mechanical strength: >1000(test at 20 °C)
- Non- linerity ±3% ( 10%-120% of rated input current).
- 1m leading wire, standard 3.5mm three core plug output.
- Current output type and voltage output type (voltage output type built-in sampling resistor).
- Purpose: Used for current measurement, monitor and protection for AC motor, lighting equipment, air compressor etc..    

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