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Hikvision juhtmega PIR, 18m, 10kg PET, Ellipse

  • Код товара: DS-PDP18-EG2(PET)
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Hikvision AX PRO DS-PDP18-EG2-PET Wired internal PIR detector

DS-PDP18-EG2 (PET) series of passive infrared detectors are equipped with dual-element infrared sensor and 3D Fresnel lens technology. Its detection range can reach 18 meters. When moving objects are detected in the detection area, the detector will output the alarm signal that has been ltered by the circuit, analyzed and calculated by microprocessor algorithm. It is suitable for various indoor scenes.

  • Optional/Automatic sensitivity

  • Up to 18m detection range

  • Digital temperature compensation

  • 52 zones of 3D op cs including creep-zone protection, full coverage without dead angle

  • Selectable EOL resistors for alarm and tamper-proof wiring

  • Sealed optics preventing insect invasion interference

  • Global cer cationstiavailable (EN Grade2/CE/FCC/CB/IC/RCM/KC)

  • 9 to 16 V wide voltage adapta on with polarity reverse connection protection

  • Wall/Ceiling-moun ng brackets available (sold separately)

  • IFT technology prevents false alarms

Modern design
Delivers a small and sleek detection solution; providing a modern yet unobtrusive finish to complement any room.

Detection range
Up to 18m volumetric detection coverage, the Ellipse is the ideal solution for any small to large indoor rooms and spaces.

Digital temperature compensation
Digitally adjusts its sensitivity to maintain its specified range when the background temperature is close to body temperature.

Automatic sensitivity
Self-adapts to changing environmental conditions to maintain stability and intruder catch performance.

3D optics
Improves the detection of moving targets; ensuring more precise signals can be received from the PIR by enabling the perfect focusing of the infra-red signal onto the pyro-electric sensor.

Creep-zone protection
Covers the blind spot area directly below it, where an intruder may have otherwise avoided detection.

Selectable EOL resistors
Incorporates selectable alarm resistor values of 1K, 2K2, 4K7, 5K6 and 8K2, as well as tamper resistance values of 1K, 2K2, 4K7 and 5K6; catering for most control panels on the market.

Wall and ceiling mount options
Can be fitted at a mounting height of 1.8m to 2.4m . There is also a ceiling mount option available if required.

Anti-insect interference
Protects the detector from possible insect infestation, as well as shielding air movement in front of its pyro-electric sensor and protecting against adverse reflections from inside the detector housing.

Wide voltage
9 to 16 V wide voltage adaptation with polarity reverse connection protection
IFT technology - automatically adjust the upper and lower alarm trip thresholds when exposed to electromagnetic or electrical interference and shift the thresholds before the detector goes into false alarm.

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