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LCR tester

  • Код товара: MEGA328ESR
  • 31.00€
Multifunction Tester resistor capacitor + + + SCR + diode + transistor + mos tube inductance

automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors
N-channel and P-channel MOSFET
diodes (including double diodes), thyristors, transistors
resistors and capacitors
added power voltage detection function
automatic test out the pin element and displayed on the LCD
can be detected to determine the forward bias the transistor emitter voltage of the transistor, MOSFET, etc. of the protective diode and the amplification factor of the base
measured threshold voltage and the gate of the MOSFET gate capacitance
12864 lcd display uses LCD (128 * 64 characters)
High test speed, valid component test: 2 seconds (except in the larger capacitors, large capacitance measurement also takes a long time and measurement time of 1 minute is normal)

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