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Gyro sensori ja kiirendussensori moodul 6 telge 3-5V

  • Код товара: BMI160
  • 9.00€
Gyro sensori ja kiirendussensori moodul 6 telge 3-5V

- Very low power consumption: typ. 925 µA (accelerometer and gyroscope in full operation)
- Android Lollipop compatible: significant motion and step detector / step counter (5 µA each)
- Built-in power management unit (PMU) for advanced power management
- Power saving with fast start-up mode of gyroscope
- Wide power supply range: 1.71V - 3.6V
- Allocatable FIFO buffer of 1024 bytes (capable of handling external sensor data)
- Hardware sensor timestamps for accurate sensor data fusion
- Integrated interrupts for enhanced autonomous motion detection
- Flexible digital primary interface to connect to host over I2C or SPI
- Extended I2C mode with clock frequencies up to 1 MHz
- Additional secondary high-speed interface for OIS application
- Capable of handling external sensor data (e.g. geomagnetic or barometric pressure sensors by Bosch Sensortec)

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