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ESP8266 Pro WiFi serial port moodul

  • Код товара: MOD-ESP8266PRO

WIFI ESP8266-PRO module is based on widely explored esp8266 System on Chip from Expressif.
WIFI ESP8266-PRO it is light version of NodeMCU board. WIFI ESP8266-PRO dont have USB-TTL serial converter. For programming from USB, need connecting to USB-TTL converter, or any other serial programming module.
It is similar if compare Arduino Nano and Arduino Pro-Mini.
It combined features of WIFI accesspoint and station + microcontroller and uses simple LUA based programming language, also microPython.
- Arduin0-like hardware IO. And can programming in Arduin0 IDE   
- Event-driven API for network applicaitons   
- 10 GPIOs D0-D10, PWM functionality, IIC and SPI communicaiton, 1-Wire and ADC A0 etc. all in one board   
- Wifi networking (can be uses as access point and/or station, host a webserver), connect to internet to fetch or upload data.   
- For developing can use install to breadboard.   

- 802.11 b / g / n wireless standards;
- STA / AP modes support ;
- TCP / IP protocol stack, One socket;
- Supports standard TCP / UDP Server and Client;
- Supports serial port baud rate configuration: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/74800/115200 bps;
- Supports serial data bits: 5/6/7/8 bits;
- Supports serial parity: none;
- Supports serial stop bits: 1/2 bit;
- Pin-compatible with Arduino UNO, Mega;
- Arduino Pinout 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13;
- ESP8266 GPIO Pinout 0/2/4/5/9/10/12/13/14/15/16 / ADC / EN / * UART TX / UART RX;
- KEY button: modes configuration;
- Dual-Ports DIP switches: switching Arduino and ESP8266;
- WiFi operation current: continuous transmission operation: ≈70mA (200mA MAX), idle mode: <200uA;
- Serial WiFi transmission rate: 110-460800bps;
- Temperature: -40℃ ~ + 125 ℃;
- Humidity: 10%-90% non-condensing;
- Processor: L106 32-bit RISC 80 MHz
- Memory:
        32 KiB instruction RAM
        32 KiB instruction cache RAM
        80 KiB user data RAM
        16 KiB ETS system data RAM
- External QSPI flash: 8MB

ESP8266PRO Schematic20.53KBСкачать
ESP8266PRO PinOut Diagram600.7KBСкачать
ESP8266PRO3 Mechanic Diagram420.65KBСкачать
MicroPython on the ESP82660BСкачать

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