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DBX68BU Extra baby unit for DBX-68/DBX68GS

  • Код товара: DBX68BU
  • Производитель: Alecto
  • 99.99 €
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На заказ, срок доставки 02.08.2024
The Alecto Baby DBX-68BU is an additional baby unit for the DBX-68 and DBX68GS. The Alecto DBX-68 is expandable to four baby units, allowing you to keep an eye on four babies at the same time.

Outdoor baby monitor Alecto DBX-68

The Alecto Baby DBX-68 is an outdoor baby monitor with an extra long range of up to 1,000 meters / 1,100 yards. Do you regularly travel, or do you like to take your child on adventurous holidays? Are you looking for a baby monitor with the same features as a regular home baby monitor? Then the DBX-68 is for you. This outdoor baby monitor also works in Scandinavian temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius or in tropical temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celcius. You can also use the DBX-68 outdoor baby monitor at home. Handy, for example, to put the stroller and baby monitor in the garden.

Tip: the DBX-68’s specs make this baby monitor suitable for use on the campsite!

Equipped with all standard options and more

Despite its outdoor character, the DBX-68 is equipped with all the comforts you would expect from a modern baby monitor. For example, it contains a vibration function, and the microphone sensitivity is adjustable. The baby monitor automatically turns on when sound is detected. If your child can't sleep, is restless or cries, you can talk back remotely, turn the night light on and off, or play one of the six lullabies and/or natural sounds. Thanks to its great battery, the DBX-68 has a long operating time - depending on the conditions - of 12 to 20 hours. Like most other Alecto baby monitors, the parent unit displays the temperature of your child’s room. You can also set an alarm if the temperature is higher or lower than you want. That’s certainly useful when traveling!

The range between the parent and baby unit can go up to 1,000 meters / 1,100 yards. If the connection is lost, the parent unit gives a signal. Moreover, the parent unit has a large 2.5" touchscreen and is therefore easy to operate.

Other specifications:

• Display language: NL / FR / DE / EN / ES / IT
• Baby unit dimensions of (h x w x d) 110 x 56 x 27 mm (4,3 x 2,2 x 1")
• Baby unit works using an adapter (included) and battery (included)