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Toitemoodul DC/DC step-up 10...60V/12...90V 1500W 30A, kasutatud

  • Код товара: PS-STEP-UP-1500W-DEF

Voltage Adjustment:
Power on module while not connect to load, then adjust "V-ADJ" potentiometer clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease. Due to large output capacitance capacity, response will be slow when adjust high voltage to low voltage.
Current Adjustment:
Adjust "CC A-ADJ" potentiometer counterclockwise about 30 circles to minimize the output current before connecting to load. Then adjust "CC A-ADJ" clockwise to the current value you need.If you use the module for battery charging, connect to output after battery is fully discharged. Because if the more energy is left in battery, the less charging current will be.
Low Input Voltage Protection Adjustment:
If we set a low input voltage protection for a 12V battery, connect input to a 10V voltage, then adjust RV1(clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease) till UVLO light up. Now the protection voltage is 10V, that is to say, when battery voltage drops to 10V, module won't step up voltage and the output voltage will be same as input voltage.

NB! Toode on kasutatud ja sellel esineb kasutusjälgi. Toode on testitud ja töökorras.

- Type: Non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
- Input Voltage: DC10V to 60V
- Max. Input Current:
30A(input voltage 10V to 30V)
25A(input voltage 31V to 60V)
- Quiescent Current: 15mA(will increase when convert 12V to 20V)
- Output Voltage: 12V to 90V (adjustable, default is 19V)
- Max. Output Current: 20A (related to the input and output voltage difference, the greater voltage difference is, the smaller output current will be. please enhance heat dissipation when current is over 15A)
- Constant Current Range: 0.8A to 20A(+/-0.3A)
- Reverse Input Protection: Yes (150A MOS)
- Lower Voltage Protection: Yes (V8 to 50V adjustable, self-recovery)
- Operating Temperature: - 40° to +85 °(if temperature is too high, please enhance heat dissipation)
- Frequency: 150KHz
- Conversion Efficiency: 92% to 97% (Efficiency is related to input/output voltage, current and voltage difference. The smaller difference is, the higher efficiency will be)
- Input Over-current Protection: Yes (automatically protect when input is more than 35A, and power supply voltage will not increase)
- Short Circuit Protection: Yes(input 30A fuse)
- Wiring Method: Terminals(please use large current copper wire)
- Max. Output Power = Input Voltage*Max Current (If input 12V, the max output power=12V*30A = 360W)
- Size:130 x 84 x 52mm / 5.11 x 3.3 x 2.04"

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