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DVM-275 Video baby monitor with 5" colour display white

  • Код товара: DVM-275
  • Производитель: Alecto
  • 189.99 €
 Товар можно заказать только по 2 штук
На заказ, срок доставки 30.08.2024
No matter where you are in your home, with the Alecto Baby DVM-275 Baby phone with Camera, you will have a crystal-clear image and quality sound to keep track of your baby. The DVM-275 will notify you about the activities of your little one(s). While your little one is napping, you will be perfectly aware when you are in the kitchen or garden. As a parent, you will feel completely reassured since you can see everything in real-time. The Baby phone has a 5” colour screen for crystal clear real-time image and sound. The camera also has a clear night vision mode, so you can easily view your baby sleeping in the evening. The temperature gauge, with alarm, will also keep you informed about the temperature in the baby’s room.

The pan and tilt camera will ensure the Alecto Baby DVM-275 is ideal to follow your child while playing in a large room, or to readjust the camera without disturbing your baby. The camera is movable from a distance, so you can see every corner of the room. With a large range up to 50 metres indoors, you can use the baby phone everywhere in your house!

Baby phone with Talk back function and lullabies

With the talk back function, you can ease your baby back to sleep with your voice or sing that special song which your baby likes. For your comfort we have also programmed four lullabies to help your baby drop off to sleep, we all know how hard this can be!

Expansion possibilities

Above all, this baby phone is a functional device with a lot of benefits. You can add up to 3 extra cameras, this way you can keep track of several rooms and/or more than one child. This is also easy to set up when your child plays and sleeps in separate rooms. The Alecto Baby DVM-275 allows the parent unit to immediately show the image of the camera from where sound is detected. It is also possible to rotate the images of all linked cameras automatically, so that images from all cameras are displayed alternately.