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About the Company

OÜ Dormikor has been in business since 1995. Our goal is to offer everything that a company that produces or repairs electronics, an electronic enthusiast or an everyday user needs. At this moment, we have over 40 people working at Oomipood.

The idea of founding Oomipood came from the complexity of purchasing radio details in the beginning of Estonian re-independence. The nearest place to find components was the Leningrad flea market. Since the founders of Oomipood were electronic enthusiasts, they knew exactly what components were in shortage.


Oomipood started operation in a small wooden house in the Center of Tallinn – on the same location where SEB headquarters are towering today. In 1997 we moved to the Estonian Radio office building on Gonsiori street. It was a small 20m² room, which housed about three clients in addition to the seller.

In 1998 we had an opportunity to rent larger rooms, where we operated until 2012. Constantly improving our assortment, we have gained a good reputation among electronic enthusiast – „If you can’t find it anywhere, go to Oomipood and you will find it“.

Today we have six stores over Estonia:
2003 we opened Oomipood in Järve keskus
2006 we opened a store in Tartu, Sepa center which moved to Lõunakeskus in 2009
2009 we opened a store in Rakvere Põhjakeskus
2010 we rented new storage rooms on Peterburi tee and opened a store in Pärnu
2012 Raadiomaja Oomipood (Gonsiori street) moved to the same location on Peterburi tee
2015 we opened a second store in Tartu Tasku centre
2019 we opened the first store in Ida-Viru county (in Jõhvi, Pargi Keskus)
2020 we closed down Tartu Tasku centre shop and expanded our shops in Lõunakeskus and Järve centre
2023 Lõunakeskus Oomipood expanded even more, increasing the area of the store by almost 50%
2024 Järve Keskus Oomipood expanded, the store area increased by 50m²

You can find the biggest selection of products from our e-shop. In addition to the products we have in stock, there is a possibility of ordering products from different catalogues. Alltogether, we have over a one and a half million products available.