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Designer moving mechanisms Truck UGM-11, vinyl 420 parts

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The Ugears UGM-11 truck is a new generation of mechanical models. It implements a four-cylinder engine driven by an active cardan shaft model that is driven by a rubber motor using a gear system. On the side there is a mode selector lever - forward back and idle.

By starting a rubber motor using a convenient plant mechanism on top of the cab, you can choose one of the modes. Start the car back, or just watch the engine run idling with four pistons under the hinged hood. By opening the cockpit door you will find the functional steering wheel of the steering force in the sprung front wheels. There is also a valid gas pedal.

The body, as in the present prototype, is implemented with hinged sides. The model is specially made in a coarse open style, on all sides a complex mechanism saturated with parts is viewed.

Model size: 34 * 14 * 13 cm

Package size: 37 * 17 * 4 cm

Number of parts: 420

Estimated build time: 10-12 hours

Difficulty level: Medium

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