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Helimoodul Bluetooth 5.0, võimendiga, UART, TFcard

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BT201 5.0 Bluetooth module is a 4-in-1 single chip that supports bluetooth, usb flash drive and TF card. The highlight of the chip is that it supports lossless music playback, simple and clear serial port control function, BLE pass-through function and SPP pass-through function.It greatly reduces the development difficulty of embedded bluetooth in other products.
1. Support bluetooth audio, BLE data transmission, U disk playback, TF card playback, SPIFLASH. Support MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE format decoding.
2. Serial port AT command control.Support to modify baud rate to modify bluetooth name, specify device playback, and cell phone data passthrough.
3. Support BLE and SPP dual-mode data transmission, at the same time can play bluetooth audio, no conflict.
4. Support bluetooth call, multi-button control, last music, next music, play pause, tuning volume and other simple functions.
5. Support to get the full file name of play serial port specified path play, loop or single play.
6. Support 128KBS recording function.Recording to TF card or U disk, recording delete playback and so on.
7. rich use information, reference PCB, use video tutorial, mobile phone passthrough video tutorial, serial port AT video tutorial
8. Super simple peripheral,5 capacitors can be completed
9. easy docking already existing APP, or develop WeChat applet.Mobile phone control
Functional Description:
1. 16 bit Stereo dac with headphone amplifier, SNR > = 95 db
2.  No crystal vibration load capacitor, the chip automatically generates bluetooth MAC address, no rolling burning

Music Features:
1. support MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, APE format decoding
2. The maximum support is 128G usb flash drive and TF card, supporting breakpoint memory and track memory functions
Bluetooth Features:
1. support bluetooth audio transmission connection mobile phone transmission music, support play pause, up and down switch
2. support bluetooth call function, users can set to cancel, support receive, hang up, dial back, refuse to receive and other functions
3. Bluetooth version 5.0 supports HFP/A2 DP/AVRCP/HSP/ GAVDP/IoP/SPP/BLE with a distance of around 10M
4. The frequency range of Class24dbM is 2.4g -- 2.480g
5. Support pass-through function of BLE. Connect "bt201-ble" to support SPP pass-through function.

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