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Isevulkaniseeruv teip 19mm*10m

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Self-amalgating tapes based on polyizobuthylene caoutchouc (PIB).
Wide application:
- for steady and water proof i connections of cables and wires
in all fields of technology
- in power transmission for insulation repair up to medium voltage (46 kV)
- in telecommunication for sealing connections insulated with PVC tapes
for sealing polyethylene sleeves (2504)
- for deep-well pump servicing etc
- for anti-corrosion protection of tubes etc.
- for protection of outdoor radio and telecom installations

- excellent mechanical and electrical parameters (dielectric strength 40 kV/mm)
- high resistance to water
- resistance to ozone and sea water
- high durability, resilience and stability of parameters
- easy use
Tapes without glue. Installation after removing the protective film, as normal tapes with a light pull. This makes good continuity of connection and better bonding of tape layers due to started amalgamation process.
Dielectric strength : 42 kV/mm (ASTM D149)
Tear force : 2 MPa (BS 903)
Elongation at tearing : 900 % (BS 903)
Resistivity 2504 : 1x10'13R (ASTM D257)
Temperature range : -40C to +90C

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