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Monocle for nature observation 60mm 20-60x, tripod up to 156cm Black

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The monocular is ideal for hiking or hunting. The rubber housing provides a secure grip and protection. Diopter correction allows you to adapt the eyepieces to your vision.

The product comes with a tripod with a maximum working height of 156 cm.


- The monocular has a magnification from 20 to 60x.

The number of magnification indicates how many times the object is magnified by the lens. The higher the number, the greater the magnification.

- Lens diameter: 60mm.

This indicates how much light passes through the lens of the telescope.

The larger the lens, the more light gets in, but it also means the telescope will be heavier.

- The field of view at 1,000 meters is 38 meters. This makes it ideal for stationary objects and animals.

- The monocular is best used during daylight hours. It has an exit pupil with a diameter of 3 mm.

The darker the environment, the larger your pupil will become. When your pupil becomes larger than the diameter of the exit pupil, visibility becomes less clear.

The diameter of the pupil of the human eye can vary from 2 mm to 7 mm. So if you plan to use your binoculars frequently in the dark, a large exit pupil diameter will be important. 7mm can be used even at night. 5mm is suitable for sunset and dawn. Less than 5mm is more suitable for daytime.

- The 13mm relief makes this monocle suitable for those who wear glasses.

The exit pupil distance is the distance from the last eyepiece surface within which the user's eye can get a full angle of view.

If the distance to the eye is 11mm or greater, people wearing glasses can see through it without removing their glasses.

If the distance of the exit pupil is less than 11 mm, it is possible to keep the glasses on, but then it is necessary to focus the sight with the rotary ring on the telescope lens.

- The dioptric correction of this binocular can be used to adjust the optical instrument to human eyes. This is an adjustment of a single lens to provide compatible focus when the viewer's eyes have different visual capabilities. The result is reduced eye strain for optimal vision, depth and contrast.

- Lens Color: Blue

- Protective case included.

Colour Black

Material Aluminium, Rubber

Travel bag included Yes

Head type Pan & Tilt

Leg lock type Flip Lock

Protection cover Yes

Dioptric correction Yes

Sharpness adjustment wheel Yes

Cleaning cloth included Yes

Lens colour Blue

Depth 1692 mm

Height 785 mm

Weight 2125 g

Width 673 mm

Objective lens diameter 60 mm

Field of view 38 m

Exit pupil diameter 3 mm

Eye relief 13 mm

Magnification range 20-60

Screw thread size 1/4 "

Theme Outdoor

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