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Designer moving mechanisms Code lock, vinyl 34 parts

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Inspired by the Da Vinci Code and dipping into the world of conspiracy theology, spies and ciptography, mi created  own cryptex.

The lock consists of two parts. Opens if you type the correct 3-digit combination. Inside the castle there is space for storing notes or small objects. It also has an eyelet for attachment to the bag.

Create your own Da Vinci code for a lock of 1000 combinations (0 to 999). By assembling the Code Lock model, you will understand the operating principle of most modern code locks.

Model size: 9.7 * 6.6 * 9.8 cm

Package size: 37.5 * 17 * 3 cm

Number of parts: 34

Estimated build time: 2 hours

Difficulty level: Easy

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