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Designer moving mechanisms Roadster VM-01, vinyl 437 parts

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Ugears again addresses everyone's favorite classics and presents the novelty of a fleet of wooden 3D- designers: the refined elegant and uncompromisingly fast Rodster VM-01.

The adventure will begin when you open the box and feel the pleasant smell of natural wood, which will accompany you during assembly, testing and play with your model. The very assembly of Rodster is an exciting and exciting process.  with your hands of plywood elements you will create a volumetric and movable mechanical miracle.

Model Characteristics

 unique charisma, the model owes both technical characteristics and the most detailed, realistic retro design. The accuracy and smoothness of the body lines is achieved due to the combination of plywood elements of different thicknesses - 4 and 2 mm. By flipping the hood cover, you can see the operation of the eight-cylinder engine, observe the stroke of the pistons.

The car has a gearbox with three modes: forward, back and idle. You can rotate the direction of movement. Even more realistic, the model is given by cushioned front wheels.

A powerful rubber motor allows the car to drive up to four meters in one factory. The wrench of the rubber motor plant is made in the form of a spare wheel in the rear of Rodster.

We suggest that you independently discover other exciting opportunities of this unique model, which will definitely have, than to hit your imagination.

Model size in finished form: 30.5 * 13 * 10 cm

Package size: 37 * 17 * 42 cm

Number of parts: 437

Estimated build time: 6-7 hours

Difficulty level: high

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