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Designer moving mechanisms Steering wheel organizer, vinyl 51 parts

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The model of the wooden designer "Steering Wheel Organizer" is excellent for keeping in order a working concelarium like pens, markers and pencils in the amount of six pieces with an exciting planetary mechanism. The stimpank skeleton style is preserved in all models of Ugears designers and allows you to look at the design from the inside and evaluate the work of the entire structure/mechanism.

It is curious to look at the gears of this mechanism during its operation. You can feel like a real captain by simply turning the wheel and choosing another direction and the right assistant - a pen, marker or pencil.

Assembling a Model

The UGEARS Wheel Organizer designer includes 51 parts that are very easily assembled into a single model design. The Ugears organizer is quite practical - it is convenient to store pens, pencils, and it just looks stylish in your workplace.

An entertaining and inexpensive gift to colleagues and friends. Like other models of Ugears wooden designers, the Organizer Wheel looks like a puzzle made of a palatable, environmentally friendly wood material. During assembly, you also cannot - not to note the pleasant wood smell, which adds a special atmosphere. Inside the package are plywood boards on which finished parts are extruded. Then just assemble them in the mechanical Steering Wheel Organizer. You will not need glue or special tools for assembly. The model is assembled by instruction, step by step, with illustrations and explanations.

Model size: 11 * 9 * 9.3 cm

Package size: 18.5 * 27.5 * 0.5 cm

Number of parts: 51

Estimated build time: 1 hour

Difficulty level: Easy

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