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Designer moving mechanisms Stimpank-hours, vinyl 43 parts

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What can be more fascinating than the uniform operation of the gears of the clock mechanism? In fact, there are options, but the spectacle all the same gorgeous - we are sure: for Stimpank-hours there should be a place on your table!

This time, UGEARS engineers worked with Swiss accuracy: the mechanism made of wood looks almost weightless. A thin carved case, gears open to the eye, gracefully curved arrows and filigree lace of jewelry - it's simply impossible to break away from watching the work of these watches. And, of course, each arrow moves separately, at its own perfectly adjusted pace.

The model's drive is manual, without automation, but stimpank-hours is one of the simplest UGEARS models: only 43 parts that can be assembled together literally in an hour. An excellent gift for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with the world of wooden designers of UGIRS, and just an excellent souvenir for all occasions of life.

The model is completely made of natural wood, absolutely environmentally friendly and safe for health. All parts are made on a laser CNC with an accuracy of up to a millimeter, they fit flawlessly, and this is the best guarantee that you will get the maximum pleasure from assembling a designer!

Model size: 5.3 * 7.8 * 12.5 cm

Package size: 9 * 27.5 * 0.9 cm

Number of parts: 43

Design assembly time: 1 hour

Difficulty level: Easy

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