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Designer moving mechanisms Globe, vinyl 184 parts

  • Ugears
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Ugears continues to surprise and give new impressions to fans of beautiful and intelligent mechanics. With this model, Ugears literally gives you the whole world. The Globe is your own world of mechanical wonders!

The globe is a model of the Earth with a set of stylized continents, a rotating mechanism and decorative replaceable modules that make the designer even more interesting. All parts of the 3-d puzzle are made of high-quality wood and cut by laser method. You will not need glue or any additional tools to assemble.

The globe consists of two main modules: the earthly sphere and the stand, in which the main mechanism that drives the model is located. The globe is attached to the support by means of a central axis, which transmits to it rotational movement from the main mechanism. It is interesting that the axis of the mechanical globe has the same slope as the real axis of the Earth.

Like all other Ugears models, the Globe does not require additional power sources, and works due to the energy of the rubber motor. However, the rubber motor of this model differs from previous versions by the method of the plant. For a complete Globe plant, move the handle at the base of the model clockwise until stop. The motor starts automatically when the plant handle ceases to be cocked. The pendulum gearbox slows down the rotation of the globe, making the dynamics of the model visually more attractive and allowing you to better consider the details in motion. A non-cocked model does not have to be static - the Globe can be rotated manually.

The designer set also includes additional removable modules: a shuttle and a satellite rotating above the equator of the globe. Choose which of the mini-models you like more today, and install it on special fasteners. The motion energy to the thumbnails is also reported by the rubber motor at the base of the model. With the main module, the support of satellite models is connected through a planetary mechanism. This kind of connection allows satellites to rotate almost twice as fast as the globe itself, making a little less than two revolutions per plant, while the main module turns around the axis only once.

The globe is not the most complex, but interesting model in assembly and work. The unique mechanism and recognizable design make the model a wonderful addition to any interior and a welcome gift. The beautiful and original model will more than once want to pick up, observe the movement of details, behind the continents sailing in a circle, and mark the exciting corners of the planet that you are going to visit one day.

Model size: 21 * 18.5 * 18.5 cm

Package size: 37.8 * 17 * 3.2 cm

Number of parts: 184

Estimated build time: 4 hours

Difficulty level: Easy