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Soldering station 75W, light bulb, third hand

  • SKU: YIHUA 939D+-III
  • Yihua
  • 89.00 €
Orderable, delivery time 14.03.2024
The constant temperature soldering station's performance, precision and stability satisfy the work requirements of professional hand soldering, micro-soldering, mobile phone repair, laptop repair, circuit board repair, test lab usage, educational usage and other fields of application.
The soldering station features 2 clips, which can clip the PCB main board. It is very convenient. 939D+-III is designed with a magnifying glass lamp.
X-2 storage system enables you to easily store, clean, and protect your soldering iron in the integrated holder. The system is integrated with a cleaning kit (rosin + brass wool ball), a cleaning sponge, a residue tray with protective edge, a solder spool holder, a row of tip storage slots in a single holder package.
The soldering iron handle is newly designed constant temperature soldering iron, featuring easy operation and stable temperature control.
939D+-III covers all the features that 936A-II has, and is designed with sleep function on the soldering iron: 5mins, 10mins, 15mins, 20mins, 30mins for option.
939D+-III has 4 Preset Channels – Save your regularly used settings into 4 preset channels and switch between channels with just one press. You no longer have to adjust the temperature over and over just for components, solders, and applications with different temperature parameters.
Two displays of 939D+-III show the actual and the set temperature of the soldering station. This is equivalent to having a thermometer built into the station to track actual temperature and having a setting display. The PID temperature controller keeps your soldering iron at the set temperature while you're working.

Type: Contact

Maximum operating temperature of soldering iron: 480 °C

Minimum operating temperature of soldering iron: 200 °C

Soldering iron power: 32W

Power supply voltage: 220V

Maximum power: 120W

Soldering iron heating element type: Ceramic


Electrostatic discharge protection system

Approximately 80 tip types available


Scope of delivery

Soldering station WEP 939D+-III

Handpiece with heating element

Power cord

Board holder

Solder holder

Magnifying glass

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