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Programmeeritav termostaat radiaatorile EHT Classic N

  • Tootekood: 110-92-024
  • 19.00€
• Easy to mount without having to drain any water or intervene in the heating system; No special tools required
• Suitable for universal use; compatible with the products of the most popular valve manufacturers Ready to use straight away thanks to preset programming
• Setpoint temperature can be specified precisely and intuitive (to the nearest 0,5 °C) via adjustment wheel
• Can be individually tailored to personal routines in the week program
• For each weekday up to 3 heating phases (7 change settings) can be set separately
• Automatic frost protection and temperature fall detection
• Valve protection function: Automatic protection against calcification thanks to regular opening and closing of valves
• Boost function for heating up the radiator quickly and briefly
Min temperatuur:+5 °C
Max temperatuur:+30 °C
Laius:55 mm
kõrgus:60 mm
Sügavus:102 mm
Mõõtmed, L x K x S:55 x 60 x 102 mm
Võimsustarve:300 mW
Supply:2 x 1.5 V LR6/mignon/AA
Temperatuurivahemik:+5...+30 °C
110-92-024 kasutusjuhend303.88KBLink

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