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Aku alapinge indikaator sumistiga ja releega 12V

  • Tootekood: BAT-SUM-12V-REL

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Aku alapinge indikaator sumistiga ja releega 12V

- Chip:LM358
- Size:5.2cm*4.5cm
- Suitable for 12V battery,when the battery voltage is normal,the green light is lit up on the borad,the output connected,Appear when the battery discharge(less than 10.4V or so),the board will automatically disconnect the battery output,the red light is lit up and buzzer,realize the sound and light alarm,thereby achieve mastery of battery discharge,in case the battey discharge,damage to the battery
Its power consumption
- Static:the consumption of about 12ma (when the battery voltage is normal)
Dynamic:the consumption of about 100ma (battery undervoltage)

Benefits features
-With sound and light alarm
-The input and output use pluggable terminal blocks for ease of use

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