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The LilyPad Button Board Module is a very discrete small momentary push button switch. The LilyPad Button Board is intended to be used with the LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board.This button board was designed to be low profile, without any sharp edges, and to be sewn onto fabric as a discrete button switch.
The LilyPad Button Board is a Normally Open (NO) contact. When the button is pressed it connects the two conductive sew pads and the circuit closes. Once the button is released the button springs back into its Normally Open position and the circuit opens again.
The LilyPad Button Board is an electronic component that controls the flow of current in a circuit. It is perfect to turn simple circuits on or off, or act as an input for a microcontroller (such as LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board) to trigger behaviours in a program.
Model : LilyPad Button Board Module
2 Input / Output Pads
Operating Voltage : 3V – 5V
Type of Contact : Momentary Push Actuation (NO)
Quantity : 1 Piece
Dimensions :
Length : 15mm
Width : 8mm
Height : 3mm

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