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2 mootori ja 16 servo ühendamiseks mugandusplaat

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2-way Motor && 16-way Servo Drive Shield is a compatible with Arduino UNO R3 and ESPduino development board. This module can be inserted directly into the Arduino UNO and/or ESPduino. But if using ESPduino, you can develop quickly and conveniently a tank/car chassis controlled by WiFi.

This driver shield can control 2-way DC motor (4.5~18v) and 16-way servo (5-18V),  which is very suitable for the control of mobile robot with robotic arm. This board is designed by using L293DD, which can drive directly 2-way DC motor or 1-way stepping motor. Its max current can be 1.2A.
16-way servo is controlled by IIC interface on the board.

- Power for motor(VM): 4.5V~36V, can power separately;   
- Power for servo(VIN): 5~18V, can power separately;   

How to use power connection:   

- If short VM and VIN, only can control the motor with 6-18V;   
- If short VS and VIN, only can control the servo with 6-18V;   
- If short VM and VIN, and short VS and 5V, then CAN control the 2-way motor (with 6-18V) and 16-way 5V servo   

- Working Current Io:≤1.2A;   
- Max power consumption:4W(T=90℃);   
- Input for control signal: High level: 2.3V≤VIH≤VIN; low level: -0.3V≤VIL≤1.5V   
- Working temperature: -25℃~+125℃;   
- Driven mode: double big power H bridge driver;   
- Weight: about 46g   

DataSheet 2-Way Motor & 16-Way Servo Shield614.43KBLink

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