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LED RGB taustavalgus telerile 190cm USB puldiga

  • Tootekood: KNM-ML3RGBD

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Multicolour mood light LED strips to paste on a TV to eliminate eye strain and improve the viewing experience. Watching TV in a dark room can cause eye strain as the eye muscles constantly contract and expand due to the large difference in luminance between the dark room and the TV screen. Regular room light, on the other side, reduces the viewing experience. The mood light solves all these problems while highlighting a TV with a light that is dimmable, adjustable in colour and does not reflect in the screen. It consists of three dimmable light strips connected to one USB power cable which allows for a large mounting flexibility.

• Reduces eye strain

• Easily installed

• USB powered

• 16 different colours to vary endlessly

• Remote control for more operating efficiency

Package contents

1x mood light

1x battery

1x remote control


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