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Signaali generaator 8kHz-150MHz+, I2C, 3 väljundit

  • Tootekood: SI5351

The Si5351A clock generator is an I2C controller clock generator. It uses the onboard precision clock to drive multiple PLL's and clock dividers using I2C instructions. By setting up the PLL and dividers you can create precise and arbitrary frequencies. There are three independent outputs, and each one can have a different frequency. Outputs are 3Vpp, either through a breadboard-friendly header or, for RF work, an optional SMA connector.

We put this handy little chip onto it's own breakout board PCB, with a 3.3V LDO regulator so it can be powered from 3-5VDC. We also put level shifting circuitry on the I2C lines so you can use this chip safely with 3V or 5V logic.

Best of all, we even have a great tutorial and library to get you started! Our code is designed for use with the FOR Arduino microcontroller and IDE but is easily ported to your favorite platform with I2C support

- Generates up to 8 non-integer-related frequencies from 2.5 kHz to 200 MHz
- I2C user definable configuration
- Exact frequency synthesis at each output (0 ppm error)
- Highly linear VCXO
- Optional clock input (CLKIN)
- Low output period jitter: < 70 ps pp, typ
- Configurable spread spectrum selectable at each output
- Operates from a low-cost, fixed frequency crystal: 25 or 27 MHz
- Supports static phase offset
- Programmable rise/fall time control
- Glitchless frequency changes
- Separate voltage supply pins provide
level translation:
Core VDD: 2.5 or 3.3 V
Output VDDO: 1.8, 2.5, or 3.3 V
- Excellent PSRR eliminates external power supply filtering
- Very low power consumption
- Adjustable output delay
- Available in 2 packages types:
- PCIE Gen 1 compatible
- Supports HCSL compatible swing

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