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STK465 Stereo Amplifier, Sanyo

  • Tootekood: STK465-SAN
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The STK465 is a Hybrid IC made by the Sanyo Corporation of Japan. It is one in a group of three consisting of STK461, and STK463, with the same pinout equivalence. This Stereo Amplifier chip comes in a 16 pin 4016 package. It is an IMST Hybrid first developed by Sanyo in 1969. The outline package is approximately 78 mm × 66 mm.This IC contains the circuitry for two channels, and provides a maximum output of 30 watts per channel. It uses a split rail voltage and accepts a maximum voltage of ±41 V. The recommended supply voltage is ±28 V, and the load resistance should be 8 Ω.

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