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Konstruktor mehaaniline "Äratuskell" 43-osa

  • Tootekood: UGEARS80
  • Ugears
Pealadu, Tallinn, Peterburi tee 90F
Peterburi tee Oomipood, Tallinn, Peterburi tee 90F
Järve keskuse Oomipood, Tallinn, Pärnu mnt. 238
Lõunakeskuse Oomipood, Tartu, Lääneringtee 39
Põhjakeskuse Oomipood, Rakvere, Haljala tee 4
Kaubamajaka Oomipood, Pärnu, Papiniidu 8
Pargi keskuse Oomipood, Jõhvi, Puru tee 1

Vintage alarm clock from Ugears - a decorative alarm clock with a story

Dingyyyyyyy! Time to wake up... in the last century! A century where there were no cell phones and electronic alarm clocks, but always had such an important device - a clock with two bells set above dial, which in turn tapped a small hammer. If you born and lived for some time in the last century, you would wind such an alarm clock with a special key, set the hand to the time you wanted to wake up, and when the hour hand caught up with the alarm hand, the piercing sound could

even wake the neighbors until you turned the alarm off or threw it against the wall in your sleep (a one-time use option)! And those who were born in Those who were born in this century are probably genuinely surprised that such a simple and at the same time People born in this century are likely to be genuinely surprised by such a simple yet ingenious device people used not so long ago.

Vintage Ugears alarm clock is a return to the not so distant past, a nice

Reminds you of the mechanical alarm clock on the night table at your parents' or grandparents' house or grandparents' house. To wind the mechanism, you rotate the large cog on the left side. The clock will come to life - the hands will rotate and the wooden

The wooden bells on the dial will move to make the sound you hear as an alarm clock. alarm clock. Although this decorative wooden model does not tell the time,

The hands of the clock are set so that one full turn of the minute hand moves the hour hand one position. The alarm clock has an interesting design dial with the elements of the sun and plants, and together with the columns, as if

The alarm clock looks like an attractive architectural structure in the Venetian style, with the columns supporting the dial.

Venetian style.

The Vintage Alarm Clock 3D puzzle is a great addition to the

Ugears collection of clocks, which also includes a Steampunk Clock, an Aero Clock, and an Astronomer Tourbillon Desk Clock. But it is most similar to the Steampunk Clock: both

Both models are decorative, have an exquisite openwork design, are assembled without too much Both models are ornate and easy to assemble, so they are suitable for beginners or young connoisseurs of constructors.

It is with this model that you can start your acquaintance with wooden mechanical Constructors Ugears.

To assemble a 3D puzzle, you do not need glue or special tools. Just remove the laser-cut parts from the plywood boards and Just laser-cut the pieces and connect them to each other. The only thing you can do is wax the gears to make sure they so they work flawlessly.

The Vintage Alarm Clock from Ugears isn't just an eye-catching example of an old clock. Clock, it has elements of dynamic movement and sound, including switching minute and hour hands and an amazing chime. Ugears models are 3D puzzles, automatons, models from the STEM Lab educational collection, coloring books for children, and Playthings - are world renowned for their ingenious mechanical elements and recognizable design. The Vintage Alarm Clock extends our collection of simple models, it's a great gift for kids and adults looking for a fun way to spend time together.

The Vintage Alarm Clock 3D builder from Ugears will appeal to fans of retro steampunk design, all kinds of clockwork, as well as anyone who has already enjoyed assembling the wooden mechanical model Steampunk Clock from Ugears.

Or maybe there are watch collectors among your acquaintances or loved ones?Why not give them this great mechanical alarm clock for a holiday or no occasion. After all, the pleasure continues after the assembly when the clock pleases

After the clock is assembled, the pleasure continues with the joyful ringing of the clocks. The Ugears Vintage Alarm Clock is an interesting and Beautiful creative project for joint leisure, as well as an attractive and original addition to any interior. So right now take out your phone and record a reminder to order the Vintage Alarm Clock from Ugears!

Mudeli suurus: 9*5*12.5 cm

Pakendi suurus: 21*9.2*2 cm

Osade arv: 43

Eeldatav kokkupanekuaeg : 1 tund

Raskusaste : Lihtne

Materjal : Puit

Tootja: Ugears