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HDMI -> VGA + 3.5mm adapter muundur 1920*1080 resolutsioon

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Pealadu, Peterburi tee 90F, Tallinn 16
Peterburi tee Oomipood, Peterburi tee 90F, Tallinn 3
Järve keskuse Oomipood, Pärnu mnt. 238, Tallinn 17
Põhjakeskuse Oomipood, Haljala tee 4, Rakvere 4
Kaubamajaka Oomipood, Papiniidu 8, Pärnu 4
suitable for connecting notebooks without a VGA output with a monitor with a VGA input
highly compact adapter
max. resolution Full HD (1080p)
incl. audio transmission (3.5 mm stereo socket)
HDCP compliant
simple to install: No software or external power source required

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