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Konstruktor digitaalne kell 4bit 3V-6V

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Konstruktor digitaalne kell 4bit 3V-6V

- AT89C2051-based of four electronic clock kit       
- Supply voltage: 3V-6V   
- PCB Size: 52mm * wide 42mm
1. Seconds correction (for precise School)   
2. Switch to every minute independent display interface   
3. whole point of time (8-20 o\'clock chime can be turned off)   
4. Two alarm settings (you can turn off the alarm function)
Kit Features:   
A. 0.56 inch special red digital clock for display;   
B. Import AT89C2051 for master chip;   
C. 1.2mm thick PCB made from military grade FR-4 board;   
D. accurate travel time, travel time error range error -1 to +1 seconds every 24 hours.   

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