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USB-TTL FTDI232 6pin 3.3/5V

  • Tootekood: FTDI232
  • 7.00€
USB-TTL FTDI232 6pin 3.3/5V

This USB to TTL serial adapter is ideal for many uses, including:
- Programming microprocessors such as ARM, AVR, etc
- Working with computing hardware such as routers and switches
- Serial communication with many devices such as GPS devices
- Serial terminals on devices like the Raspberry Pi

DTR: Data Terminal Ready - an output used for flow control
RX: Serial data Receive pin
TX: Serial data Transmit pin
VCC: Positive voltage output - this is controlled by the jumper. If the jumper is set to 5V, this will provide a 5V output. If the jumper is set to 3.3V, this will provide a 3.3V output.
CTS: Clear To Send - an input used for flow control
GND: Ground or 0V

For most uses, you can simply connect the following pins:
RX on this board to the TX pin on your device
TX on this board to the RX pin on your device
GND on this board to GND on your device

FTDI Virtual COM Port Drivers0BLink

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